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Hello world

Hello world

Alderman Jim Ramos

Alderman Jim Ramos, 2nd Ward, first was against the opening of the store when he heard the owner had applied for a liquor license. But at a ward meeting Aug. 13, the owner allayed fears of re creating problems the previous store, Convenient Food Mart, brought to its neighborhood.The former business essentially became a liquor […]

Probably the most difficult

Probably the most difficult situation is when you’re in a company that has a lot of employees who are paid at the lower end of the pay scale. Often, input from these people is strategically critical and they have a critical effect on the way your products or services are created, delivered and perceived by […]

Whatever you do

Whatever you do, don’t say that you are looking to recover property lost during WW2! especially if you are Jewish. There is an unwritten agreement between the city council, archives and courts to try and block such help, not so much anti Semitic as anti loss of valuable property. They don’t mind so much if […]

It is with some sadness

It is with some sadness that I write this blog as I know it will be the last one I write before I leave China. Ironically it is during a rainstorm and 70+F weather which reminds me a little of W WA. These last couple of weeks have been crazy busy. The Victoria Row (Richmond […]

why opec’s gambit to raise oil prices might not work

why opec’s gambit to raise oil prices might not work Now 16, Lipinski is well on cheap jerseys china his way to having a shot at achieving something real in the sport of skeleton. The tall, well spoken athlete will travel to Austria and compete in skeleton for the Junior Olympics from November 27 to […]

will ballarat build a better city

will ballarat build a better city Best and cheap holiday and vacation packages are the most familiar and largely enjoyed tour packages across the world. These packages are highly preferred by most of them because of its price and inclusions, when compared to other deals these packages sell out faster as the price is less […]

Under current law

Under current law, FM licences only allow broadcast of music, education, entertainment based programmes and local information on subjects like business, capital market and local market, airline/ railway and bus schedules, traffic, sports and weather. FM channels, which have a range of 30 to 40 kilometres, are much clearer, and less affected by weather conditions […]